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Tbh I absolutely love the idea of Tam as a salty old cat lady . 24 notes Oct 6th, 2019. Shared Projects (4) View all. Ability: Hydrokinetic Personality and Traits Edit … t-a-m-s-o-n-g . 5 notes. Yes make no mistake this is a KOTLC story but unlike anything I've ever seen, it is set in Great Britain circa 1784 directly after the revolution. 47 notes. Tam did it as a protest because he hated living in his father's glittering prison. mlb Pjo/HoO Fablehaven Five Kingdoms Dragonwatch Warriors. Tam actually has a crush on you. Tips of his hair are dyed with silver from his registry pendant. Her fears were only elevated after her banishment, which is shown when Sop… … *Majorly blushing*, Keefe: "So your face just decided to look like a tomato today? Just For Fun Kotlc Keeper Of The Lost Cities Biana Vacker Tam Song Keefe Sencen ... Fitz Vacker Linh Song Maruca Endal Dex Dizznee Wylie Endal Sophie Foster Marella Redek Stina Heks Jensi Babblos Hey guys, I decided to make a which kotlc character are you quiz, ik there's a … KOTLC Fanfic. -Charlotte O CATS KOTLC THAT'S THE BEST THING EVER. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; … The fear was brought upon her when she accidentally flooded a part of the rich underwater city of Atlantis, at the age of eleven. Unfollow. 21 notes Nov 24th, 2020. when i tried to do forkleman he guessed councilor bronte and then i tried to do tam, and i screwed up because i forgot all elves have blue eyes. Please help me. Tam: “Scared, Sencen?” Keefe: “You wish” legacy is gonna be wild spoiler without context kotlc keeper of the lost cities keefe sencen tam song. we can rant about the lack of rep in it or how awesome tam song is,, It is a personality/looks quiz that determines what character you are most like! Featured Project. ", Sophie: "Literally everyone knows that you like her. ", Tam: "Yeah guys, chill. Fandoms: KOTLC!!!! F4F! Why." kotlc kotlc fanart keeper of the lost cities tam song linh song fanart my art. Fun facts about me. Unfollow. In your match, you look for brunette- HA I KNEW YOU LIKED BRUNETTES- dark-eyed girls around your age, who are adventurous, curious of the world around you, and sensitive. The gang is on a field trip with Foxfire High. A jokester and like him in most ways. He and his twin sister Linh melted their registry pendants and dipped their hair in it. ", Sophie: "Seriously Fitz, how did you not see that coming. ", Sophie: *laughs* "Anyway who's going next?". ", Tam: "No I don't! by PotterFosterJackson with 6,187 reads. I don’t really know how this works my sister made me make this anyway…. Follow. Biana: *throws Tam across the table* What I've been doing. ", Sophie: "That's adorable!!!! ", Tam: *rolls his eyes* "Fine, I'll go first. Keefe Sencen/Tam Song; Tam Song; Keefe Sencen; kotlc gang; One Shot; Alternate Universe - Modern Setting; Alternate Universe - Human; Sharing a Bed; Pining; keefe makes bad decisions; Cuddles; Ambiguous/Open Ending; Summary. The one who'd met the twins in Exillium. ALL LISTS OUT! Tam is shown to care a lot about Linh, and even followed her to Exillium, despite being able to have a normal life without her. His eyes are silvery-blue, his bangs only enhancing the effects. 699 Nov 26 2016. Tam Song. You can call me Charlotte, to make it easier. DON”T YOU SEE IT THOUGH??? Tam Song (Tam Song) is a secondary character in the Keeper of the Lost Cities Series. Thanks to Tam's rude parents, Tam also has a weakness of NO one to help him. Sophie: Pass the salt. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. My favorite characters are Tam, Keefe, Nico, Tooth, ect. Hello, and welcome to the Song Twins Wiki! Tam Song love story The Song Twins. Keefe Sencen/Tam Song; Tam Song; Keefe Sencen; kotlc gang; One Shot; Alternate Universe - Modern Setting; Alternate Universe - Human; Sharing a Bed; Pining; keefe makes bad decisions; Cuddles; Ambiguous/Open Ending; Summary. WARNING: there are spoilers of books 1-7, so if you haven’t read those books, don’t take the quiz! What I'm working on. She and Tam then melted their registry pendants and dipped the tips of their hair in. HOW COME NO ONE EVER TOLD ME??? Tam: I'm pretty sure my guess is actually way better than yours. His original last name is Tong, but due to his families musical past, it was changed to Song. 19 PARTS SO FAR! The one, who supported the twin from the start. Linh Song has silver flecked eyes as her twin brother, and long black hair. ", Tam: *turning bright pink* "Can we just get on with the list please? Follow. Gael, the one who had a crush on Tam from the start. He will do anything to protect her, including joining the Neverseen and risking his life. They are shown to have a loving, teasing relationship, although Tam is protective of Linh. Tam, not wanting her to face banishment on her own, decided to follow her to Exillium even though had done nothing wrong. ", Biana: "Great. Linh Song is a fashion design student at the Foxfire Fashion Academy. Gryffindor! ", Dex: "Because it's like the most obvious thing ever. Reblog. Tagged as: rogue one fucked me up tam tam song emo tam keefe keefe sencen keeper of the lost cities kotlc incorrectkotlcquotes totallycorrectkotlc incorrectkotlc incorrect quotes shannon messenger mod custardbursts source: rogue one Hmmm... HA! Kotlc Quotes Quotes tagged as "kotlc" Showing 1-30 of 103 “I would rather be punished for making the right decision than live with the guilt of making the wrong one for the rest of my life.” Read Tam Song from the story KOTLC: MATCHMAKING LISTS AND REACTION/STORY! kotlc keeper of the lost cities keefe sencen sophie foster dex dizznee linh song tam song biana vacker fitz vacker iggy kotlc imp sheet fanart. ", Linh: *snatches envelope from Tam* "Oh, give me that. If you really want me to trust you, I need to read your shadowvapor.". ", Biana: *squeaks* "Awww Tam likes sensitive people. I'm just saving the best for last." By SpicyKoiMV. *grins at him*, Tam: *rips open his envelope and starts reading* "Uh... Congratulations Tam Song, you have received your match list. 6 quotes have been tagged as tam-song: Shannon Messenger: ‘Tam's shadow fell over hers, and he shadow-whispered, I'm trusting you. kotlc fitz vacker keeper of the lost cities sophie foster legacy shannon messenger keefe sencen dex dizznee biana vacker tam song linh song 20 notes Dec 12th, 2019 Open in app

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