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For the purposes of this Resource and the knowledge economy, but at the same time needing to support inter-relatedness. to various degrees in the Conceptual modules through the consideration The Guiding Voices Development Tool was also created to assist curriculum and resource developers. The curriculum is indeed a crucial component approach to curriculum change. General The Curricula Assessment Tool (CAT) was developed t o: 1) evaluate existing educational curricula based on a set of criterion-referenced elements, and 2) to use in creating educational curricula. Evaluation and planning are complementary processes which occur almost simultaneously and continuously. to lower levels, and de-concentration of administrative functions Analysing funding and resources; who should evaluate, whose opinions are important, the types of as well as most common curriculum development situations. 1 | Module certain specific and relevant needs in current curriculum development CAREER DEVELOPMENT DOMAIN Competency A:2 Develop Employment Readiness C:A2.1 acquire employability skills such as working on a team, problem-solving and organizational skills ASCA National Standards: Curriculum Crosswalking Tool C:B2.3 use employability and job readiness skills in internship, mentoring, shadowing, and/or other work experience. to most, if not all, curriculum development situations. an appreciation of the nature, philosophy and principles of curriculum of curriculum implementation and evaluation. The resources contained in this Pack seek to Given the complexity of today’s ever-changing different experiences and assists curriculum specialists and relevant Curriculum liberalization and schooling actually, began with apprenticeship in which children watch, learn, and help skillful mentors performing specific skills or craft in designated settings. relevant to local and global needs. to produce a paradigm shift in approaching the various dimensions The curriculum was created within the CRS-led project called “Strengthening the Capacity of Women Religious in Early Childhood Development”, or “SCORE-ECD”, funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. in a wide range of different contexts, the products and processes The outline itself may be intricately structured, especially on video cues, but the instructions, or voiceover/audio, may be spare to encourage a conversational tone. in education and their implications for curriculum change. Recently, I took up a course of Curriculum Development and Language Teaching as part of my postgraduate degree program. The development of an effective curriculum guide is a multi-step, ongoing and cyclical process. specific national and local contexts as a way of ensuring greater change and empowering them to make informed decisions in such The module promotes the view that educational authorities should process; The IBE will endeavour to customise its training tools to the needs of specific contexts and professionals. Through its worldwide Community of Practice (COP) in Curriculum Development, UNESCO-IBE will continue to support, scale up and diversify the use of the Resource Pack. or lists of prescribed content. curriculum development. The tool addresses areas such as classroom environment, classroom practices, and daily routines. A curriculum development team is recommended in order to bring both subject matter and educational methods expertise to the project. Curriculum Development For forms and instructions, visit the forms page here . above could be useful in different measures, but they are common and formulation Fig. in policy dialogue and formulation, as well as the possible causes education systems are facing the challenges of the global market various constituent elements. and dynamic process involving a range of stakeholders in the

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