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Comparison table for the Xiaomi m365 Pro VS Xiaomi m365. Factors to ponder before buying an Electric Scooter [Top Tips]. 6 Golden Rules, 7 Reasons Why To Choose Escooter Over Ebike, 7 Most Expensive Electric Scooters of All Time. The Xiaomi M365 was launched in 2017 and is still one of the best bangs for the buck scooters available. You can be worry-free. The Xiaomi M365 Pro has an expanded display so you can see your speed and modes better, a bigger design, and longer battery life, so on paper it seems like an all-around plus-sized improvement. Though it looks similar to the original version, it is a few pounds heavier and slightly larger in size. Maybe this will be deal-breaker for some, but it’s essential to be aware of that. The M365 features a 250W brushless front hub motor with the maximum torque of … Motor size: 6.7 inches. However, about tastes, it’s not smart to discuss. Both scooters weigh 12.5kg, have the same top speed (15.5 mph), range (18.5 miles), maximum rider weight (100kg) and they also share the same … The Xiaomi Mijia M365 is an electric scooter that follows the aesthetics of the products of this brand: minimalist design with simple lines in neutral colors. And, as previously mentioned, the M365 Pro offers about 70% more range than the original! You can also check out solid tires for Xiaomi mijia m365. Xiaomi M365 Scooter European Version now at just $399.99. Xiaomi M365 Rechargeable Battery Overview. What I have meant are curbs, of course, and a plastic cover under the battery box doesn’t help at all. I know people who chose this one just because of the way it looks. However, a headlight is 1,1 Watts strong, and it is more than enough. This might be a problem. The most obvious difference between the M365 and 1S is that the 1S has a speedometer on the display (below, right) whereas the Xiaomi M365 only has a battery indicator (the four LED lights) and mode indicator (the bottom light is green in eco mode). Max. Size (Folded) 108 x 43 x 49 cm. If you see that one green LED light on it’s activated. Specifications. White for normal mode, green for power-saving mode, Power-saving mode:Max speed 18km/h, with more gentle accelerations for beginners, Electric scooter, power adapter, Allen key, tire pump nozzle, 4 Allen screws, Pre-order to secure signature Mi product(s), Purchase and make payment now. In the case of the Xiaomi M365, we can find it in white or black. OK, let’s not leave you to wonder too much. When you fold your handlebars, then you attach the bell into that thing on the fender. Lights. It is 5 minutes of work and its ready to go. Similarly, the Xiaomi M365 Pro hasn’t really been upgraded much, the new Xiaomi Pro 2 has the new LED display, reflectors and licence plate holder. Naturally, a range is better in eco mode. You get 4 screws and one Allen key to screw those. Tires. Once you hit the brakes, you can feel the difference when it comes to comparing to other electric scooters. Instead of the 280 Wh battery used in 1S and M365 it is using a 183 Wh battery. Xiaomi mijia m365 scooter is safe enough even if your kid takes it sometimes. McKay Jonson Oct 21, 2020. I really appreciate these features considering the affordable price of the scooter. What are superpowers and flaws that Xiaomi Mijia M365 Scooter Possess? All right, for ringing, but it has one more function. And we can't blame them, right? Weight: 26.9 lbs. speed is stated with 25km/h which is the same as for the the non-Pro version. Xiaomi Mijia m365 (Review) – One Incredible Electric Scooter. Both have good design and performance. COMPARING THE XIAOMI MI M365 WITH THE XIAOMI MI 1S Written by Ed Wiles, Scootered Founder Introduction. There's now a new model, the M365 Pro. Xiaomi mijia scooter is one of the best.. The 27.5-lb Xiaomi Mijia M365 is powered by an 18,650 mAH (280 WH) battery and is around 45 inches in height. It has a larger size due to which it affords more room on the deck, making the scooter … No, it is much more important to take a closer look at features that will change your mind about electric scooters in general. This product has been added to your Notification List. The Xiaomi features front and rear 8.5 inch by 2 inch pneumatic (air-filled) inner tube tires. There are too many people flooding in right now, please try again soon. XIAOMI MI M365 FULL SPECS. Holding a throttle isn’t hard work, but if you don’t need it’s great. Some may be better in a few aspects, however, when it comes to bigger picture Xiaomi m365 Mijia meets expectations. Thank you for your understanding and support. We can notice that all of this is ok, but what else we can get from it? The new Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 has new safety features including front, rear and side reflectors to help you been seen whilst riding and “thicker” skid resistant, shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres, and therefore a little less prone to punctures. Electronics. Or if you let your kids ride. Overall, the new Xiaomi M365 Pro is a great scooter and welcomed improvement on the original. You can update the firmware, view mileage and remaining power, … The Xiaomi Is is merely a incremental “refreshed” version of the original M365 with added M365 Pro features, and what we know so far is that this model might replace the older M365 since the 1st-gen model suffered from numerous issues, such as the folding mechanism, and battery fatigue and so forth. Check out our detailed Xiaomi M365 review below: After riding this scooter, you will get impressed with the performance of Xiaomi m365. Unlike their previous attempt at conquering the Philippines in 2014, Xiaomi took a different path right now by moving away from the online model. Cookie Policy(function (w,d) {var loader = function () {var s = d.createElement("script"), tag = d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.src="https://cdn.iubenda.com/iubenda.js"; tag.parentNode.insertBefore(s,tag);}; if(w.addEventListener){w.addEventListener("load", loader, false);}else if(w.attachEvent){w.attachEvent("onload", loader);}else{w.onload = loader;}})(window, document); Privacy Policy(function (w,d) {var loader = function () {var s = d.createElement("script"), tag = d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.src="https://cdn.iubenda.com/iubenda.js"; tag.parentNode.insertBefore(s,tag);}; if(w.addEventListener){w.addEventListener("load", loader, false);}else if(w.attachEvent){w.attachEvent("onload", loader);}else{w.onload = loader;}})(window, document); This website contains affiliate links. You can see that in the photos and notice that the manufacturer put those not just on the front end of the scooter but also in the back. Xiaomi M365 Pro Features. The Xiaomi M365 folding electric scooter is promoted as a quick-foldable vehicle that requires only 3 seconds to make this action. The Xiaomi M365 looks like it was designed for city life and makes a perfect commuter scooter, with narrow handlebars and an uncomplicated design, you can hop on and weave your way throughout streets and roads with minimal fuss. Portability. APP Download Search for “MIJIA” in application store or scan the QR code below to download and install MIJIA APP 2. Perfect solution for most of people - That's why startups choose Xiaomi Mijia m365. Buy Xiaomi … In our tireless search for the very best electric scooters we scoured the web looking at manufacturer specs, customer reviews and design features, eventually purchasing the top nine models for side-by-side testing. This part can and will clear up the matter for you, no doubt. Underneath you’ll also find a … And what the good news is the fact that it is always charged and ready for use. Finally, the upgraded motor improves hill climbing and provides more pep on the flat and for heavier riders. Gotrax gxl and Xiaomi m365 are both affordable and have a great design. The Xiaomi m365 Pro is equipped with a bright front and rear LED (braking) light for extra visibility during day- and night-time. It's worth noting that Xiaomi has since launched an updated model called the Xiaomi M365 Pro. Those are mechanic, not hydraulics. Habib Qazi Jul 14, 2020. Portability. Colors: White, Black This has a longer battery life, but if heavier and more expensive than the non-Pro model. In the bottom of the handlebar tube, there is a lever. Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter specs. With 25.1-mile range capability, this scooter truly allows riders to commute to and from work, with plenty of range left over to ride around town in the evenings. Check out our detailed Xiaomi M365 review below: Even though that is the case that weight is something that is actually good for riding experience. Consider Buying Gotrax GXL If You Are Commuter, The Fastest Electric Scooters In The World | Crazy Fast E Scooters, Are Electric Scooters Safe for Children? First, let's take a quick look back at the Original Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter and see what won us over in the first place.. Integrated headlight and taillight will make your life easier. Weight. The rear light is in the pulsing mode when it is in the process of the charging. This lets you ride in comfort on almost any type of urban terrain from a cement pavement to a flat dirt road and even small steps (up to 10mm/0.39-inch in height), and the channels or grids (up to 30mm/1.18-inch in width). 12.5 kg. Xiaomi m365 has a rear disc, and at the same time, while you are applying rear wheel braking, it activates front as well. Let alone that “Lite” version is also a cheaper version of the 1S. The fastest electric scooters in the world. Size (Unfolded) 108 x 43 x 114 cm: Size (Folded) 108 x 43 x 49 cm: Weight: 12.5 kg: Output: 250 watts (500W max) Range: 30 km (18 miles) … Light is there, and it is reliable, and not too fast. But for those who love speed as well, some trade-offs in the term of a reduced range is by default. First, you have to activate it in an app. It can connect via Bluetooth to your phone, and it gives you a choice to monitor your data. Now onto safety. Conclusion. The increased battery capacity extends the Xiaomi’s already best-in-class range. It’s more than affordable. It also has an expanded display area, so you get to see your modes and speed better. Following ones have something that you might like more and pay attention as well to other features that could be better for your needs: For more information about glion dolly foldable and gotrax check out here >>> Best electric scooters. Thanks. Speed ​​and Kilometers. Tires are puncture possible. RND M1 has a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs (100 kg), while Xiaomi Mi M365 can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs (100 kg). Enjoy riding your new Xiaomi Mijia m365 (Photo_credit_Instagram_@patrycja_michalis). Also, when it comes to rear braking light will turn on. With a large owner base, this is the best scooter to customize with a sea of aftermarket parts. Your phone will turn on vibration, and you will know that someone is pushing your scooter but that it’s not bulletproof, right? This is the one you should be aware of and watch out for. The Xiaomi M365 Pro has a high-performance motor, Up to 45km extended travel range, Built-in display for convenient monitoring. Thus we are dealing with a good scooter that can be purchased if you want to own an electric scooter sporting a … Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Speed The Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter has 8.5-inch front and rear pneumatic tires with excellent shock absorption, abrasion resistant, and anti-skid capability. And I don’t want you to trust me on my word. This link is from sales-cooperation partner of XIAOMI, not XIAOMI offical web, are you sure to go to that page? Electric scooters are coming to the UK and the Xiaomi M365 is leading the way. This is not some made-of-steel-weight-monster, but it is far from lightweight types of electric scooters. 0 10 . Basically the Lite edition is a version of Xiaomi Scooter 1S / M365 with a lower capacity battery. 10 124 [Coupon] Xiaomi Mijia Pro 2019 Electric Scooter: For Just $639.99. The frame is aluminium alloy, and overal… Page 1 13. The new Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 has new safety features including front, rear and side reflectors to help you been seen whilst riding and “thicker” skid resistant, shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres, and therefore a little less prone to punctures. Top 17 Razor Scooters On The Market – Electric & Kick Versions, How To Ride Your Electric Scooter In Winter – Techniques, Steps & Tips, Lightweight Electric Scooters: Affordable & Light E-scooters, Best 3 Wheel Electric Scooters for Adults & Kids, Best Carbon Fiber Electric Scooters you can find, Best Electric Scooter Accessories, Upgrades & Gadgets for You. As soon as we get it out of the box. 30 km (18 miles) Though there is a speedometer within the Xiaomi Mi app, meaning you could attach your phone to the handlebar and get your current speed from that. The two scooters are visually pretty similar but below you can compare the … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That will have been useful if you are living in a hilly area. Brakes are one of the most important safety features of an electric scooter, and may be the only difference between a safely completed journey and a trip to the emergency room. Not only those lights are integrated, but these are also actually strong enough for a night ride. Deals. White for normal mode, green for power-saving mode, Max speed 18km/h, with more gentle accelerations for beginners. This is light enough to carry up a flight of ... Cockpit. And after some time, they’ve realized what features they have at their disposal. Circling back to our comparison with Xiaomi's popular electric scooter, the M365 has 280Wh to work with, wile the M365 Pro gets an impressive 474 Wh. Best valueThe overall package of the M365 is hard to beat - great design, good specs all at a very competitive price. There are some cases when the electric scooter was recovering energy while it was fully charged. Summary of Contents for Xiaomi M365. Indeed, the 1S should really be called an M365 … Will it be able to endure my whole trip or not? The Xiaomi M365 Pro isn’t available in most regions, including the US, but in the UK you can pick it up for around £550 - £600 depending on the retailer. We’ve previously compared the m365 to the es4 and now its time to compare it to it’s successor, the Xiaomi Pro. The Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter is an upgraded version of the world’s most popular entry-level scooter the Xiaomi M365. Photo_credit_Instagram_@patrycja_michalis. Xiaomi m365 has an option to connect to your phone. How To Wheelie An Electric Scooter – Tips from Experts, How To Choose The Right Electric Scooter For You – All Aspects Included, Types Of Electric Scooters You Can Find [In-depth Guide], The beginning of getting to know Xiaomi Mijia m365 Review. In case of the Xiaomi M365, the 30 km is the distance traveled under ultimate conditions: flat road, 75 kg rider, average speed of 15 km/h, 25C air temperature, ideal tire pressure, etc. The length and width of the deck has also been increased, improving comfort. I'm a die-hard electric scooter fan, writer and editor. The Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter is an upgraded version of the world’s most popular entry-level scooter the Xiaomi M365. The scooter has 4 simple LED lights that show the charge of the Xiaomi, situated below them is the power button which can be held down to switch to power-saving mode, this will bring the top speed down to 18 km/h. 20km is a realistic expectation. Xiaomi Mijia m365 electric scooter might be the right choice, especially when you notice that this one has all of that, plus elegant look. When it comes to quality, Xiaomi m365 mijia shows us that it is planning to win our hearts at first sight. To be clear, I have owned one M365 for … Xiaomi has officially launched an authorized Mi store in the Philippines in partnership with Grimalkin Corporation. Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 vs Mi Electric Scooter 1S. It’s not practical always, except if you are near your scooter…. That might be a problem for urban areas if those areas are not suitable for electric scooters. 12.5kg. If you are not into this one because of weight, look, available speed, range or something else you have found it’s not suitable for you, that’s ok, as well. Safety improvements have also been made, including a larger disk for the rear brake. Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. Xiaomi M365 Pro: Specifications Sine-wave vector and current control + closed loop speed control, Cement, asphalt, flat soil pavements, bumps or steps less than 1cm high, less than 3cm wide, Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging, double protection from overdischarging, temperature resistance, undervoltage auto-sleep protection, Located under the power button. That means that we get commissions for some items you buy through links in this post. Output. Eco-mode can be useful also if you are a beginner in riding an electric scooter. Like anything in life, you get some, and you lose some. You also have reflective stickers on the sides. Simple, but it’s smart, and it works pretty well. The manufacturer claims that you can go 18 miles before you need to recharge. Manufacturer: Xiaomi: Model: MiJia Electric Scooter: Type: Electric Scooter: Dimension: Material: Aluminum alloy: Weight: 12.5 kg: Tire size: 21.60 cm: Motor size: 15.20 cm: Maximum speed: 25 km / h energy-saving mode — 18km / h: Travel distance: 30 km: Maximum torque: 16 Nm : Rated motor power: 250 W: Chassis height: about 87.5mm: Energy structure: 18650 high-power lithium batteries х …

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