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Don't medicate Fluffy with any over-the-counter medication without discussing the proper use and dosage with your vet. Some common diseases that can cause coughing in dogs include: If your dog's cough is mild, non-recurring and is the only symptom, one of the best dog cough relief aids may be able to help him. Whatever the reasons you think may be for your dog's cough, before using any over-the-counter dog cough treatments and cough relief aids for your pet, talk to your vet. As an expectorant, it works by discharging mucus clogged in the respiratory tract which usually triggers coughing. Recommended dosage is one teaspoon per 20 pounds of body weight every 4 hours. “Coughing due to kennel cough usually becomes apparent within a few weeks of exposure of your dog to other dogs in a kennel or show environment. A dog's cough can be indicative of serious disease. The syrup comes with rich natural herbal extracts that help fight tracheal problems and allergies in pets. It is safe for use on dogs for all coughs. Temaril-P is a combination antihistamine (trimeprazine) and corticosteroid (prednisolone). This is the only cough relief solution on our … Keep your dog indoors during the day and take him outside early in the morning or in the early evening, when the air is cleaner and the dog will not have difficulties breathing. It aids in treating wounds more quickly and works as a perfect alternative to antibiotics and antifungal medicines. You may also opt for alternative medicine remedies to strengthen the dog’s immunity; consult a homeopath for more details. Recommended dosage is one teaspoon per 20 pounds of body weight every 4 hours. They also observed that this medicine worked really well when given orally in the required dose, although it may also be mixed with the dog’s meal or treat at a somewhat reduced efficacy. © 2020 TopDogTips.com. Amazon's Choice for kennel cough medicine. Essentially, it contains ingredients derived from the freshest and purest organically-grown herbs from reliable growers across the US, according to the manufacturer and their label. A good dog bed, both... A dog water fountain keeps fresh drinking water circulating so you don't have to keep changing it manually. It is highly recommended for early signs of cough including rapid breathing with rasping sounds, gasping for breath, and excessive thirst. It is usually used to suppress dry coughs such as kennel cough, and shouldn’t be used for productive coughs. A more serious cough in dogs should be checked out by a veterinarian and may require a good dog cough relief aid or medication directly from the vet clinic. All rights reserved. Make sure you keep your dog away from other canines, to avoid spreading the disease. Human cough medicines sold over-the-counter may help alleviate these symptoms of kennel cough: Non-productive cough; Retching It is made from ethically wild-harvested herbs from trusted growers. Over counter medication for kennel cough - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Dog cameras are not like your regular security or CCTV cameras; instead, most pet cameras are interactive and designed specifically with the purpose of... With more people owning dogs, we're also seeing more dogs injured in motor vehicle accidents. Editor’s Pick. People and cats are less likely to catch this, and with just a few good home remedies for kennel cough to apply to your dog, he or she will be free from kennel cough. The recovery time for kennel cough depends greatly on the dog’s immunity and its capacity to fight the disease. Based on their experience, HomeoPet Cough worked whether they placed the required dose directly into the dog’s mouth, mixed it with wet or dry food, or put a few drops on their dog’s cookie treats. A chronic cough in dogs could be a symptom of a serious health condition and your pooch needs to be examined by a vet, and specific medicine may be prescribed. While your dog has the kennel cough it’s best if you don’t expose him to smoke or other chemicals that may irritate the dog’s air ways. Most importantly, this formula is designed to provide a healthier and stronger immune system to combat common infections in pets. Product Rating 4.5 /5. Yes, there are acceptable over the counter cough suppressants which can be used in dogs. Users love that PetRelief’s immune booster smells like a blend of essential oils and calms their dog. Another thing they like is its versatility in treating infected body wounds without need for antibiotics. It is made from natural ingredients and special herbs that have high mucilage content, including chokeberry bark, mullein leaf, slippery elm bark, licorice root, ginger root, and Baikal skullcap root. It is safe for use on dogs for all coughs. Steam. If you smoke, make sure you smoke outside. The best dog cough medication (or any other meds) may only be prescribed by a veterinarian after your dog has been examined. For them, it has become an indispensable dog supply because it has helped treat various illnesses ranging from nasty coughs, congested sinuses, and trachea problems. Pet owners were amazed with the efficacy of this medicine. Boost your pet’s immunity with a few vitamins such as A, B, D and E. You may also add some omega 3 fatty acids, which will help your dog recover faster. One of the most common culprits is a bacterium called Bordetella bronchiseptica m-- which is why kennel cough is often called Bordetella. Over The Counter Kennel Cough Medicine For Dogs - (non prescription kennel cough medication). Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold (read reviews on Amazon and Chewy) is highly rated, is a good organic herbal medicine that is selectively imported, and an excellent cough medicine for dogs with collapsed trachea. Usually, canine cough will pass on its own. Antihistamine. It is recommended for most types of cough, including dry or wet cough, kennel cough, and barky cough. The disease is manifested through a dry cough and will typically go away without treatment. Dramamine. Sometimes cough medicine will help alleviate the symptoms of kennel cough, but sometimes you shouldn't use over-the-counter cough medicine. Many dog owners wonder if it’s safe to give their furry friends Robitussin to treat kennel cough… Hycodon is used in canines to treat several respiratory conditions. Talk to your vet to recommend you some anti tussives that are suitable for your dog. PawHealer Dog Cough Remedy-Hound Honey Syrup... Pet Wellbeing - Lung Gold for Dogs - Natural... AMBER NATURALZ - VIBACTRA - Immune Support - for... 12 Signs of Stress in Dogs (Based on Science), Review: WOpet Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser, Best Dog Products of 2019: My Top 10 Favorite Items, Safe and effective for puppies and pregnant dogs, Some dogs are likely to dislike the strong smell, Discharges mucus clogged in the respiratory tract, Some dogs would not consume this due to its smell and texture, Designed to be used on the outside of your dog's body, Requires 2-10 sprays per application, which means it could get expensive to complete a full treatment, As many other recommended dog cough remedies, this is not going to work for every dog, Made from organically grown herbs sourced in the USA, Natural alternative to antifungal medications and antibiotics, As with any other top rated dog cough relief remedy, this did not work for every dog, It smells like wine and not all dogs will be interested in trying it. This may be caused by any number of harmless factors such as a piece of dust tickling their throat. Children’s Robitussin). Steam may help clear the air passages and relieve the cough. It not only acts on your pet’s cough; it also works as an all-natural dietary supplement which can help bring back your pet’s lost desire for food. At 2-10 sprays per application, it could get pretty expensive to complete a treatment. Best Daytime Medication. If your pet has been suffering from an annoying cough without letup, this HomeoPet cough solution might just be what you’re looking for. Mild over-the-counter cough suppressants such as Mucinex cough medicine for children may help keep pets comfortable.. Temaril-P can also be used to treat itching and coughing symptoms in dogs.. According to pet owners who’ve tried this product on their dogs and cats, it really works. What makes this product from Amber Technology tick? Kennel cough is an illness that is airborne, meaning it can be easily caught by our canine friends if we are not careful. One bottle is good for approximately 90 doses. Many owners of dogs with collapsed trachea say that they’ve gone from feeling helpless to hopeful after they found this cough syrup. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If your dog has a strong immune system, he is more likely to have a faster recovery. Nothing can be a better cough medicine than one that treats your dog’s cough, makes him or her healthier, and does not have side effects like most prescription drugs. All rights reserved. They know your dog's medical history, which could greatly affect the likelihood of a cough being just a cough or something more serious. Cough Suppresent, Chest Congestion and … Cough Symptoms Treatable with Human Medicine. It had been clinically proven to be safe and effective even for pups, kittens, and pregnant pets, and causes no harmful side effects. You can give your dog one-half tablespoon to 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with a little warm water in a bowl. Thankfully, an antihistamine is generally … Best Cough Medicine for Kids. It helped them save on expensive vet’s bills and prescription medicines. They actually serve many purposes. Alternatively, you may use maple syrup, which will have the same effects as honey. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. A cough from the common cold or bronchitis is an obnoxious symptom that can be debilitating. These protein-rich ingredients are capable of soothing throat discomforts and cough in dogs. This is the only cough relief solution on our list that is designed for external use on pets by way of spraying and rubbing on certain parts of the pet’s body, such as the neck, inside of ears, back, tummy, paw pads, and the coat. If you use household chemicals while cleaning, keep the dog in a different room, so that these chemicals won’t affect him. The kennel cough affects the air passages of the dog and these will be highly irritated. Complete with antioxidants, it strengthens the immune system to help ward off most viral, fungal, and bacterial infections in pets, including respiratory infections. Picking top dog food brands is not simple, and here's why: it depends on what kind of dog foods you're looking for. $8.99 $ 8. 99 $13.99 $13.99. Over-the-Counter Cough Suppressant for Dogs Active Ingredients. Cough medications such as dextromethorphan (Robitussin) and guaifenesin (Mucinex) are sometimes used in pets, but should only be used as recommended by your vet. Relief from cough usually came overnight after administering the medicine. Dogster has extolled the virtues of coconut oil for dogs before, and its amazing antiviral … Today I'm rounding up my picks for the Top 10 Best Dog Products of the Year for 2019. Your vet will always know better. In such cases, an over-the-counter cough suppressant may be appropriate to control or to prevent coughing. First on our list of the best dog cough relief solutions is the HomeoPet fast-acting liquid. It’s a great cough medicine to keep for quick relief from coughing and sneezing. None of the cough medicines available for us over-the-counter are approved for use in cats. Children's Robitussin). Temaril-P is used for the relief of itching regardless of cause. They have also used it as a preventative medicine especially when they foresee their dogs interacting with other dogs. If your dog is experiencing a bad cough, or signs of a bacterial infection, then making an appointment with your local vet is best as medications used to treat chronic cough are regulated and not usually available over the counter, and antibiotics may be needed if the cause is bacterial. By Rita Ghelani (BPharm, MRPharmS) This is a great option for dogs that don’t take too well to taking meds in the mouth. Several potentially effective supplements may help lessen the duration and severity of kennel cough in dogs and cats. The cough portion of Kennel Cough lasts anywhere from one to three weeks. Kennel cough is a condition that is highly contagious and can be transmitted through air. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Paw Healer’s Hound Honey is a natural remedy that suppresses cough, especially the hacking and honking type of cough. Steam may help clear the air passages and relieve the cough. The best over-the-counter cough medicines 2020 A pharmacist recommends the best over-the-counter medicines for a persistent dry or chesty cough. The only drawback that pet owners see in this product is the cost of sustaining its application over time. pinterest.com.auImage: pinterest.com.auCough medicine that contains an expectorant called guaifenesin is available over the counter (e.g. You should also make sure that the room temperature is slightly more elevated than usual, which will help speed up the recovery. After a week of continuous use of the Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs, positive results were evident without the ill effects that usually went with prescription meds. An antihistamine that helps prevent motion sickness in dogs (and cats), … Honey can be a great home remedy for kennel cough as it can help soothe your dog's throat and minimize coughing. Over The Counter Medication for Kennel Cough Veterinarian Treatment of Kennel Cough Treatment of kennel cough in dogs is normally limited to symptomatic relief of the coughing with non-prescription, and occasionally prescription, cough suppressants. Relentless coughing in pets is not only bothersome, it may also lead to more serious health problems if left unattended. This solution uses organically-grown herbs and contains no harmful chemicals. PetRelief Immune Defense and Natural Cough Medicine. The medication may not even be necessary, and the cough may go away on its own. The PetSafe Ricochet Dog Toy will keep your dog active and engaged while providing hours of enriching mental stimulation. Coughing, sneezing, or a runny nose may not always indicate a “cold.” While dogs and cats can get colds (not contagious to us), there are many possible causes of these symptoms. A host of cough suppressants contain acetaminophen -- commonly known as Tylenol -- codeine and other narcotics which are toxic to cats. However, if the cough is accompanied by lethargy, diarrhea, fever or any other irregular health symptoms, you need to take Fido to seek veterinary care immediately. When your dog is exposed to other dogs or various unhealthy factors in the environment, this medicine is great to have within easy reach. We'll discuss some of the dog cough medications available over the counter, including below top rated best dog cough aids. It has also helped foil bacterial and viral infections from further setting in, thus greatly improving their pets’ wellbeing. If your dog’s cough is productive, you shouldn’t administer cough suppressants. What Is Kennel Cough. According to pet owners, they make sure that they always have Amber Technology Vibactra All-Natural Antibiotic Alternative for Pets in their pet’s medicine kit. Dogs who have a dry, nonproductive cough can be treated with over-the-counter cough suppressants... Medical Conditions that Require Cough Suppressants. They observed that it worked faster if given right at the onset of a cough. According to them, PetRelief Immune Defense and Natural Cough Medicine not only soothed their pets’ cough, cold, and other common illnesses, it also alleviated anxieties and discomforts. Fill your bathroom with steam and keep your dog in the bathroom for 5 to 10 minutes, to make sure he inhales the steam. Some pet owners do not realize the importance of... Dog beds aren't just a comfortable place for your pet to sleep at night. Sometimes veterinarians will nebulize pets at home by exposing them to humidified air a few times a day. Dogs typically enjoy the taste of honey; if your dog refuses to eat the honey, you may mix it with water or with a dog treat. Kennel cough usually resolves itself without any treatment.” –, Addison’s Disease in Dogs: The Guide for Pet Owners, 10 Key Differences Between Wolves and Dogs, Swimmer Puppy Syndrome: How to Help Your Dog, The Science-based Guide for Feeding Athletic Dogs, TOP #123: Ridesharing for Dogs and Their Owners, TOP #120: How to Pick Mentally Stimulating Toys for Dogs, TOP #119: How to Restrain Dogs in Cars to Keep Them Safe, Recipe: Beef Stew for Dogs with A Sensitive Stomach, Recipe: High Fiber Dog Treats with Oat Bran, Recipe: Grain Free Dog Treats with Coconut Flour, How Do Dogs Get Parvo and How to Prevent It, 5 Reasons To Start Making Dog Food At Home, Giveaway: Spruce Grab & Go Leash Bag ($30+ Value), Review: PetFusion Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal, Review: Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher, Seventeen of the Healthiest Medium and Small Dog Breeds, 10 Surprisingly Dangerous Dog Breeds if Not Trained Properly, Wunderbar: The Eleven Most Popular German Dog Breeds In The US, Blue-Eyed Beauties: 11 Blue-Eyed Dog Breeds. Your dog coughing should become a concern to you if it seems to be a recurring issue. Most dogs that become infected with Bordetella are infected with a virus at the same time. Kennel cough usually resolves itself without any treatment.” – College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University (source). That said, here are some options of dog cough relief to discuss with your veterinarian. However, dogs can cough for other reasons: dust or allergens in the air, kennel cough or a collapsed trachea. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. If your dog develops a mild cough but seems to feel fine otherwise, it's safe to wait a few days before taking him to see a veterinarian. Dextromethorphan which is contained in several cough medications can be given at a dose of 1/4-1/2 mg/lb up to three times a day. Instead of those costly antibiotics or steroids, pet owners say they have resorted to using this liquid cough drop on their dogs and were impressed with the results. PetRelief has created one of the best dog cough relief aids that promotes a healthy and stronger immune system and defends against cough and other ailments. Do NOT give any over the counter medications to your dog without first consulting a vet, as the dosage, amount and duration may be different in dogs than humans, and some medications … It’s easy to dispense – usually by dribbling over food or by simply giving it to the dog by the spoonful. When your pet coughs and starts to lose weight significantly due to lack of appetite, it’s time you use Vibactra. Overall, though, they say that the health and wellbeing of their pets always come first, so they’re really not complaining. It has certainly helped sick dogs to breathe healthier again, and made the lives of pets and their owners much easier. Note that this article doesn't replace a consultation with a veterinarian.

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