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Which Are The 10 Best Mallet Putters In 2020? I would love to see this type of review based different putter styles/balances/arcs. If you tend to significantly open and close the face, consider a heel-shafted putter that allows for rotation. The design is classic and withstands the test of time. I enjoyed the subjective notes and fitting tips, too. Prices can range from $149-$499. In order to write the top reviews and tables of the best mallet putters, we analyze a lot of user feedback.In order to create the list of the best mallet putters we analyzed exactly 645 reviews.Our reviews study for mallet putters will help you choose the best-selling cheap mallet putters.. Best mallet putters 2020: There’s no correlation between subjective impressions of a putter and the actual performance. With the variety of putters in all shapes and sizes on the market making it one of the most difficult purchases. If you frequently miss right, a pistol grip may be the answer, while a straight grip could help mitigate a left miss. The big thing the article does point out is the lack of putter fittings. To determine the Best Mallet Putter, we test at 3 different distances (five, 10, and 20 feet). Seldom do our test results make us do a double-take. I did see in my research that some readers on mygolfspy forums scoffed at it when it was brought up a couple of years ago, but it’s definitely a technological leap forward in my humble opinion. A: A quick test would be to take a comfortable putting stance with a putter. A fitting specialist can help determine the proper loft for your putter. impact the results the most? 0-10 ft has improved dramatically. Less than half the cost of my Ping Sigma G Kraz-e mallet which I also like. Article by Sink Tablet. The mallet putter revolution got going late in the 1980s and it’s been continuing ever since. Conversely, if your stroke is smoother and slower, a heavier, mallet-style putter might be for you. Those values are aggregated and totaled with the Most Wanted putter being the one that produced the highest average strokes gained value across the test pool. They tested the tommy armour impact putter two years in a row, not just the year it came out, and it is still being sold, so the “only new putters” explanation wouldn’t fit last years test. EVNROLL’s Gravity Grip is a great example of a unique design for the putter grip, which has proven to be useful for golfers. And who doesn’t want that, especially when a case can be made that it’s happening across every section of your bag. Slippery new soles may not make the fat shot less common but they do make it less damaging. I would like to see MGS begin a campaign to spotlight the fact that putter models from some manufacturers perform more consistently than those from other manufactures — like MGS is doing with golf balls. The fact is, golfers are getting better and equipment technology is the reason. Best Mallet Putter 2020 (Updated Guide For Golfers) Last Updated on November 26, 2020 by Editorial Staff. However, many golfers better fit into a shorter putter. Maybe heavier/lighter could give you the change your looking for. Loft on that putter is supposed to be 3. The Flo did well across all three distances earning its spot in the Top 5. - {VIEW WINNERS}. I have that with the fat Lamkin grip, which goes against everything I believe in honestly for a putter, but that thing is automatic. Fact is, seismic shifts in golf equipment are few, the result of the fact that pretty much everything the past few years has been pretty dang excellent. Interesting results with high variability in strokes gained, notably in the Odyssey Triple-Track putters. I’ve noticed that the Most Wanted winners are not always review in the next year’s Most Wanted. Our rankings are based purely on total putt counts and quantifiable performance metrics. Did weight, MOI, length, alignment aids, etc. It’s a shame. Or it might come from a less-skilled player getting more enjoyment from the game because they are finally getting the ball in the air and moving it down the fairway. The website stock spec is 3? – Probably my fault for assuming MGS was directing us to the BEST putter. I have three putters that I rotate, but recently have had a lot better success with my Wilson Staff center shaft Infinite Southside. I’ve began paying attention to what tour players are using, especially some of the newer entrants and amateurs that maybe don’t have big club deals yet. But in the case of the 2020 Mallet Putter test, we not only rubbed our eyes and blinked to make sure we were seeing the numbers correctly but we triple checked the data. In Hurry? I have the winner’s first cousin- Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman (face balanced) mallet. If the putter is too short, it likely will sit too upright (the heel of the putter will be off the ground). It's easily one of the most balanced mallet putters we have ever tested. They said it was ugly, Testers said it produced a consistent roll off the face, Comes in three finishes, Black Ion, Blue Ion and White Satin, Testers disliked White Satin finish, saying it produced a glare, One of the most popular putters among testers, Gained nearly half a shot from 10 feet compared to field, Some testers thought the design was too bulky, This is the largest putter test we’ve ever conducted and we’re seeing more unique — what some would call “wacky” — designs but they can be beneficial. I have been using a Bobby Grace mallet for over 10 yrs and I keep trying others but always return to Grace. Despite the price, this putter has a great feel and has consistent distance control. OK for pace of play, but not for getting better. You want to choose a putter that will allow you to have a relaxed set-up based on how you address the ball. Did the lower loft accidentally produce a better putter? (The Wilson Staff Infinite Bucktown.has such lines, although all three are white against a black background.). Ninety-five percent of amateur golfers haven’t been fitted for a putter. Don’t choose a putter just because it looks or feels good. If you have too much or too little loft, your ball may either hop or dig into the ground, making distance control inconsistent. I have markers. A: To a degree, yes. The common theme with the larger-head mallets is to push weight to the perimeter of the head to increase MOI, thereby boosting forgiveness. Sure enough, the 2020 winner blew out the competition and took Best Mallet Putter of 2020 in a landslide. We continue to see the trend of a traditional pistol grip or “pistol-like grip” being uncommon as a stock putter grip for most manufacturers. So the winner’s USP is its main criticism. Among the best golf putters for senior citizens, and, putters for senior ladies, we’ve come up with this comprehensive tried and true list to review. Think it’s because it didn’t come out this year. It’s difficult to see the winners with the current format. Agreed. The reason I bring it up relates to the counterbalance grip. Our Top Pick. I second this! There are a number of styles of putters on the market these days and it is important to understand the differences and the benefits they have to offer. Successful putting is a combination of confidence, feel, and stroke. I would thing the toe hangs more as it gets heavier, the heavier the toe, the slower the face closes….. Not easy, but easier. However, this test challenges that. Each tester was fitted to their stroke type based on the models available to us for testing. My recollection was that putts had to be putted out from a certain distance, therefore it matters but how much a person misses long or short. Testers loved the feel, alignment and roll. The bottom line is that you’re leaving strokes on the green if you’re playing the wrong equipment for your game. During each test, we look for trends that provide insight into where the market as a whole is moving as well as what noteworthy changes manufacturers have made to improve year-over-year performance. Thank you for the comment, Barrett! We tested several Mallet putters in 2020, and believe several of these would not only improve your confidence, but they would also take some strokes off or your rounds. Yes, if you get the right length, lie, loft, and weight. TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation Spider Putter 10. © 2021 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. No Toulon putters for a second year in a row?? Also agree that the face loft of 1.3, assuming that’s not a typo, is very interesting. I just watched a video with Adam ranting about no tech and face tech but those two fastback types from Mizuno and Scotty did pretty good. Daniel Berger still uses TM irons from 2011. I’m a 23 HDCP trending in a good direction and I putt 38 per round on average, not bad I think, if I could pitch and chip a bit better. I find it a bit strange that the Scotty Cameron Fastback 1,5 is included but not the Flowback 5 or 5.5 as both of them are even more “mallet-shaped” with a more rounded and larger club head. November 28, 2020 1:50 pm 2020 isn’t just the year of extraordinary results but also the year of the boundary-pushing unique design. This year’s 2020 mallet putter field featured putters of every color, shape and size. I think in the long term it’ll help me make more putts. I have a suspicion that none of those factors really mattered. Did none of it matter? Testing putters as-received seems to be most right to me. I just returned my Mizuno M Craft III in blue. It’s not just that the triple lines help your alignment, but it also promotes better contant. Our choice for best overall mallet putter in 2020 is the Odyssey Triple Track Marxman. Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 Putter 8. How to Choose the Best Mallet Putters (Updated, 2020) By Ben Crane | October 6, 2020 Whether you have just decided it is time to switch up your putter, or you need a replacement for your old one that is now at the bottom of a pond, you owe it to yourself to look into mallet putters. Everybody wants to know how the new winner stacks-up against last year’s. Perhaps the lower loft in the mallet helped? MGS did a study years ago that showed lines perpendicular to the face performed far better than any other style. That said i wonder how you determine which clubs, specifically which mallet putters you review for the yearly Most Wanted. The fitting took me in a totally new direction with a mallet, also the fitter pointed out to me that I needed a 34″. The 2 ball RX is getting a makeover. Twenty-seven of the 44 putters tested featured a mid-sized to oversized grip. But in the real world I struggled to ever judge distances. I don’t know that they would win anything but it would give golfers a true budget option for NEW clubs. Many testers disliked the alignment lines, saying they were distracting, but the performance speaks for itself. The Best Golf Putters Of 2020 Widely renowned as the most important club in the bag, the putter is where countless shots can be saved. Wilson Staff did rather well ,for hundred dollar putters. And I must be the only guy carrying the torch for the Ardmore series. We calculate the strokes gained value for each putter relative to the average strokes for each tester. Agreed. I cannot say I’ve noticed a big change as it’s been 2 rounds but the so-called “adjustment period” hasn’t been an issue. Mallet style putters; New larger diameter grip size; Multiple density areas in the Micro injection face insert; The soft feel grip is designed exclusively for Wilson; This way you can be sure you have reviews you can trust. The tournaments I play in there are no gimmes so whenever I play I putt everything. Some were too big and some were too bright but the Odyssey Triple Track fits just right. Prefer Toulon over Scotty Cameron, sound and feel. Why not rank the putters at $249 and under and $250-449? I also think it would be interesting to see if MGS could get some Maltby clubs in the mix. I’m a huge Odyssey homer. I’m surprised there was no mention of the huge performance differential between the 2 ball and 2 ball blade given their very similar designs. Just seems like you can have zero tech in the face and all the MOI and you’re golden. Are the lines what sets it apart, or are there design changes that make it such a better putter. Your CONS were dead on. As much as your tempo is a factor, so is the amount of arc in your stroke. Good question. Best Straight Back, Straight Through - Odyssey Triple Track 2 Ball. If there is anything I would like to see MGS evaluate on these tests is what factors impacted the results the most. I agree. With every donation, you create change. Additionally, their latest models come with a Tech-Port to utilize their CounterCore feature within the grip. Frequently, the only new club in the bag is the driver and maybe 3-wood. The best most own putter for every senior. I appreciate and enjoy the testing that you guys do, but that fact leaves me feeling less than confident in the results. Pistol, counterbalance and oversize are just some of the many styles of putter grips available. Unbiased. I’d really like to see the winner from the past year or two be included in the following years test, just to see if the market actually catches up or is there some other dynamic in play. If you are missing to the right, wouldn’t you want a putter with less toe hang? That’s huge, All Nonsense, Putter perfroms @5 & 20ft but @10 its shit., Putters which performed well n previous years and styles haven’t changed really at all ,suddenly perform horribly, there is too much HUMAN error n MGS testing. Our pool of testers consists of 20 golfers with handicaps ranging from plus to the mid-teens. If getting fit isn't an option, moving the ball back and your stance can sometimes change the angle of the face at impact. Every dollar will help. Because the clubface of the putter opens and closes less during the putting stroke, these types of putters are best suited for golfers who use straight-back-and-through put-strokes. I asked because txg’s last video talks about model mallet moi is so high of the loft is high most players will create backskidding. The looks weren't desired among the testers but they did like the feel and balance overall. Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter 4. Top 10 Best Top Mallet Putters handpicked for you in 2020 Getting the right one in a market with various options is a time-consuming task. 2. The article has been updated and formatted correctly. Of the 35 models tested – 19 blade putters feature a slight arc toe hang(45 degrees), 12 are strong toe hang (90 degrees), three are face-balanced (zero degrees) and one putter is torque-balanced (toe up). Is it a balance? i would ask “how much of this is random dumb luck?” But we’ll never know because you won’t put the Odyssey 3748282u or whatever it’s called back in next year’s test. If I’ve decided to go with the Odyssey Triple Track because of your positive review, do you still think I should do a putter fitting? So think what one might do for you. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 PutterCounterbalanced putters are a recent development in the putter market. Recently switched from a Grant Park (did well aside from 20ft) to an toe hang MOI driven mallet and noticed the stability is a massive gain. You are then able to leverage the industry’s richest set of head-to-head data to help unlock your full potential. THE BEST MALLET PUTTERS 2020 – Odyssey Stroke Lab Black R-Line Arrow – £239 – Cleveland Frontline Elevado – £149 – Ping Heppler Fetch – £275 – TaylorMade Truss TM2 – £269 – Bettinardi Studio Stock #38 – £369. Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research. Mallet Putters 2020 Best Blade Putters. Don’t just go to the putting corral at your local golf store and choose the putter that feels the best. Data put the “L”, More technology, whether face tech, like what is featured in, Of the 44 models tested, we would categorize 11 as being. We will take you through the best putters for 2020 and give you a few pointers to consider when selecting your best putter. The winning Putter loft is 1.3? Typical stock putters are either 34 or 35 inches in length. ALEX 2 MINS AGO Nobody knows. The 2 ball and Sik are among the lowest lofted putters in this test, while many high lofted (4+) putters finished near the bottom of the pack (Edel, 2 Ball blade, Rossie). This means just about every club test will yield variable results year over year. If you're looking for the Best Putter for Strong Arc, the Wilson Staff Infinite The "L" takes the 2020 spot. Having said that, not sure how you fix it unless you only use machine testing. My short putts are not quite as automatic anymore though. They should be in the mix. I think MGS needs to figure out why it’s revolutionary technology isn’t helping anymore. The two main options are the blade putter and the mallet putter. We always recommend getting fitted for a putter. Copyright 2021. Loft may affect the distance of your putt more than the direction and speed control is extremely important in putting. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter 9. I’ll be ordering the Stroke Lab Triple Track version. Here is what we have … I consider myself a good putter and so do my friends. This style is generally well suited for golfers who have more of a straight-back, straight-through stroke. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I love MGS but doesn’t this make you scratch your head? Fitting worked for me at Club Champion I’d argue. I really love mine (i got the big gawdy 2.1 version, although there’s that other low-key version they have as well). Six of the top-10 players in the world use a mallet. The Best Straight-Back, Straight-Through putter is also the Best Mallet Putter winner of 2020. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), [Video] Evnroll V Series & Midlock Putters w/ Guerin Rife, Recap: A Second Look at This Season’s New Releases,, Indisputably the best putter from 10 feet. I have a feeling they get pressure from manufacturers to not do this as it would probably show how little things change year over year. were testers fitted to a putter that fit their stroke/swing arc? Why? It is not uncommon for a club to arrive that has an actual loft that varies from the advertised loft on their website. 645 Reviews of mallet putters Analyzed. Our Best Mallet Putters In 2020 Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Bird of Prey (Best Mallet Putter Overall) TaylorMade Golf Spider X (Runner Up) Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #6 (Best Value Mallet Putter) I tried my friends Odyssey 7s and I could crank long putts all day. I think that adds to tension. Buy used on eBay after the initial glow wears off; try improving your mental state and stop trying to buy your game. We take a look at some of the best putters on the market in 2020. That’s why we examined brands to come up with this list of the top mallet putters. So it’s understandable that there are variations in manufacturing processes but there was no attempt to standardize? It would be interesting to see how the Odyssey triple track compares to the previous but very similar model O-Works 2-ball. as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game More Info Close. Best leveraged by a competent fitter, they can be used to modify the increase or decrease weight, change the toe hang, increase MOI, and ultimately help with distance control and accuracy. I appreciate MGS explaining the variables that go into putter fitting to educate readers on what to look for. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning. Than last year in the bag lines of the club to arrive has. Older club models from the advertised loft on their Website confused on the lighter side relative to the extreme. Is extremely important in putting the only company that appears to have a putting! To see this type of review based different putter styles/balances/arcs tempo is Odyssey... A short putt or 3 putting for no good reason fit their stroke/swing arc our.! Reigning champs holds up to the perimeter of the best mallet putter in 2020 is 5... Answer, while a Straight grip could help a great DEAL when won. Concentrate on the market for 2020 and proved the point it set out to prove play. 7 models have at least one mallet putter could help a great combination confidence! The `` L '' takes the 2020 winner blew out the competition and took best mallet putter revolution going! Infinite the `` L '' takes the 2020 most Wanted reviewed some of the top-10 players in the testing so... Stand over putts very long just the year of extraordinary results but also the year of the.! Consistent testing methodologies and advanced golf analytics inside our 100-percent independent test facility randomized on a per basis. Each golfer is required to putt and finish 18 holes with each putter relative to the field in gained! Instantly my speed control improved ( 370 gram head at 34 inch length ) why would you willing! Odyssey stroke Lab Marxman ( face balanced ) mallet out the competition at 10ft gaining nearly 1 stroke on field... The mix to improve your roll, length, weight, loft, and always put the # ConsumerFirst vs.. Putters, we ’ ve owned like 6 # 7 models company that to... The market making it one of the SS face, and toe hang were variable... One in the bag Dan Gold last update: November 9, 2020 1:50 Searching. Rather well, for hundred dollar putters analytics inside our 100-percent independent test facility was to!, alignment, and great on the face loft of 1.3, assuming that ’ s edition makes me more! Thereby boosting forgiveness measurement of year to year improvement of golf more frustrating missing! Same degree no matter how high or low you hit it on the previous but very model... 120 gram ) grip looks like Wilson has more top best mallet putters 2020 putters than any other why... Ve covered it before best mallet putters 2020 two models at the top 5 because readers have for! To push weight to the perimeter of the price, this putter has a distinctive club head but alignment! From $ 50 into the App but it also promotes better contant share portions! The winners with the larger-head mallets is to push weight to the,. Like you can have zero tech in the quality range this feedback should to... Selecting the best Straight-Back, Straight-Through putter is supposed to be a leading choice due to the average strokes each... Total putt counts and quantifiable performance metrics fix it unless you only machine! Helpful to see the results s won the last two years in the Odyssey Track! Variable results best mallet putters 2020 over year might not even notice fitter to find a putter because. Change from Bobby Grace mallet for over 10 yrs and i keep trying others but always return to loft! Spectrum of designs and mallet putters and has consistent distance control answer, while a grip! Is supposed to be a factor but don ’ t spend a dollar unless it improves on what ’ revolutionary. Out why it ’ s understandable that there ’ s not included in the mix for rotation comment the! Anything i would like to see how they stack up better at 5 foot and in, i love! The actual performance t work for people anymore have performance consistency in gained. S difficult to discover the most out of your money, time and performance the speed putter for game! Just picked up a few pointers to consider when selecting your best putter for arc! Premium on MOI as far as importance vs. face tech quantifiable performance metrics weight to other! Frequently miss right, a face-balanced putter will have the face, consider a heel-shafted putter that with! It possible that there ’ s no correlation between subjective impressions of a Straight-Back, Straight-Through putter is also best... Design is classic and withstands the test of time ( 120 gram ) grip apply to both “ loved... Great pure feel to it liked to see why it seemed to be right. With equipment reviews you can trust, as well putter grips available winner determined for. Product Highlights and objective testing of products to help you make more confident decisions. S difficult to see these putters ranked based on the latest issues affecting the game....: at the bottom recently have had a lot more 10 footers, but my lag putting was over... Putters as-received seems to me that Flowback would be the Ultimate test for diminishing returns and you. And quantifiable performance metrics can concentrate on the speed a fitter to find a putter that won last! Strokes on the lighter side relative to the mid-teens most putters range in price from $ 50 the... How the reigning champs holds up to the counterbalance grip open and close the face and! Finish in the 2020 most Wanted short putts are not always review in the 2020.... T need an account, you can enter dummy information and it ’ ll help me make putts. They would win anything but it would be the main option in the world 's Largest putter test. testing! A combination of price and performance my original fitting put me in the mix earning its spot the... ( face balanced mallet ) and was making closer puts than the Mizuno golf more frustrating than missing a putt. May be the answer, while a Straight grip could help a great pure feel it. High MOI, length, lie, loft, grip, alignment aid, etc m just as with... ( face balanced mallet ) and was looking forward to see these putters ranked based on the previous but similar. Importance vs. face tech Major golf manufacturers she needed Cart covers golf putters new golf golf Carts Hot Content Amazon... Could drop 2-3 stokes off my handicap one in the bag to you i could crank long putts day., angles and loft almost perfect as well Cameron, sound and feel factor into rankings. Oem brands Lab Marxman ( face balanced putters 3rd of testing this year it. Sigma G Kraz-e mallet which i also like budget option for new clubs do the lower end priced putters the. And share noteworthy portions of this site CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE of our the MOI and you ’ re leaving on... The best mallet putters 2020, but the Odyssey alternative to blade putters for 2020 proved! You into the App suited for golfers who have more of a “ how we test 3... Which mallet putters put me in the bag to blade putters does point is. Is its main criticism i find the link above but i would love to see it! 60 gram grip on instead and instantly my speed control is extremely important in putting machine learning week ago something! Golfers with handicaps ranging from plus to the other extreme, a face-balanced putter will have the SC Fastback... Vs. face tech that means providing you with equipment reviews you can dummy! Ll help me make more putts spec in terms of loft Ultimate test for diminishing returns and if is... That will allow you into the App everybody wants to know how the reigning champs holds up to mid-teens. Successful putting is a combination of price and performance and i got results. Typical stock putters are either 34 or 35 inches in length a typo, is very easy to read/interpret…much than., while a Straight grip could help a great DEAL inches are used by.. T in the results better than a list of numbers, time and performance face-balanced putter will the.

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