Архив за етикет: суперперфоратор


Едно клипче от париодията на Винету

Текстът на песанта е уникален – особено с това звучение като за малки деца:

You don’t have to wait for later
Here’s a new eliminator
Ask your local weapon trader
For the Superperforator!

Stress? – Just cool it!
Here’s a special bullet
Put it in the magazine
Boom a bang into your bean!

You can call the operator
For the Superperforator
Killing is our habit
Make you wriggle like a rabbit!

But before you die my dear
Have a final glass of beer
And before the break of dawn
We’ll have you back where you belong!
Sprinkeling-the-lawn, hey!

*Tap dance solo*

Bully bang bang
The bang boom boom
Meet your doom
Call us soon
The local weapon trader!
With your Superperforator!